Whatever Your Product,
We’ve Got the Package

Our comprehensive range of packages is designed to ensure your satisfaction. We are committed to
tailoring solutions that align with your needs and offer custom add-ons and personalized features.

Quality Above All
Quality Above All

FabPac’s integrated team of qualified employees are experts at identifying solutions for your folding carton projects. We use state of the art technology to benefit our customers. Our goal at FabPac is to incorporate every available technology to reduce cost and improve production turnaround time.

Each package we produce is designed to suit our customers’ unique needs. We work closely with our customers during the R&D phase to develop a package that fits their product perfectly for optimal protection, functions flawlessly, and is attractive.

Our Most Common Products

Triangly Auto Bottom

Straight Tuck

Simplex Tray

Reverse Tuck

6 Corner Biers

4 Corner Biers

Full Seal End

123 Bottom Tuck Top

Auto Bottom Tuck Top

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