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Who we Serve

At FabPac, we offer custom packaging solutions for a wide range of industries.

Every consumer goods segment has its own demands when it comes to material, design and production technology. Our production team specializes in providing for the various needs of multiple different market segments.

Food Products

We focus on making sure your packaging will be durable and functional as well as eye-catching & attractive to customers.

Consumer Goods

In the crowded world of retail goods, product packaging is what allows a product to stand out and SELL.

Cleaning Products

Custom cleaning product boxes are readily available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs at FabPac.


We help you create distinctive, elegant cosmetic product packaging designs that will help your brand stand out.


When it comes to pharmaceuticals, product safety and packaging stability is our top priority.

Insights & Analytics

We utilize the intensity of structure to tackle complex issues and change business.

Marketing Solutions

At FabPac, we provide comprehensive marketing plans and guidance to our customers. Our years of experience in the fast-paced world of retail gives us extensive knowledge of the ins and out of the industry. Whether you are looking to upgrade your brand’s look, create new packaging, or launch a completely new product, we collaborate with you to develop the marketing and design strategy you need to reach success. We help you choose the most effective packaging, create the design, and help you find the best distribution channels for your product within your target market.


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We currently have 36 active media campaigns across 24 projects.


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Marketing Campaigns &
Content Creation

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